2000 Acura TL • 181,000 miles

My car been leaking power steering fluid for a while and now it has some in it and I cannot turn my wheel. I know the power steering went but I was wondering what part I could order to fix it? Also, my heat/ac went out this summer, it's not a fuse, it's the fan/motor. I was wondering what part do I order to fix that also? Thank you
December 27, 2012.

You pay mechanics to diagnose those things, and they can't do it over a computer. The most common cause of a power steering fluid leak is a seal in the rack and pinion assembly, but if you run the pump dry it will overheat and be damaged, then you have to replace both parts and flush the debris from the hoses.

I assume your heater fan isn't running. There could be a defective motor, overheated wiring connector, loose ground wire, bad switch assembly, or numerous other possibilities. Many systems now use computer controls which are extremely unreliable compared to the older simple cables and levers. There can be a power module too that replaces the time-tested resistor assembly. Those are also high-failure items.

Dec 28, 2012.