1999 Toyota Corolla • 180,000 miles

Car was dead, so I tried jumping it, in a rush I didn't realize that I had crossed wires. Tried starting her and nothing just clicks. I got out of my car realized what I dont and tried doing it right. Nothing I blown the alt fuse and the dome fuse. Replaced both. And tried starting it everything worked every light. Then the car slowly started dying and shut off, I tried to start her again and nothing. So I got another jump and she runs but shes off instantly after I take of the jumpers. This time even when shes running on the jumpers theres no lights no power and no radio. Replaced all fuses and bought a new alternator. Same thing runs only when being jumped and dies right after jumpers are disconnected.
January 20, 2013.

Crossing the cables causes a voltage spike that computers never like and you can damage them.

I suggest a shop as you may have one or more failed controllers from the spike


Jan 20, 2013.