1999 Saturn SW2 • 50,000 miles

Someone please tell me where the windhield wiper motor is locqted on a 1999 saturn sw2. How do I get to it? I have the manual but there is no explanation or pictre of where it is other than it is on the passenger side fiewall. I cannot find I there
November 18, 2012.

Removal (Front)
Remove wiper arm. See WIPER ARM. Remove antenna from base (if equipped). Remove retaining screws from air inlet grille. Raise hood. Remove plastic retainers from air inlet grille panel. Lift right side of air inlet grille panel up toward windshield. Disconnect washer hose from air inlet grille panel. Close hood. Slide left side of air inlet grille panel up towards windshield and remove.
Remove instrument panel top cover screw caps and screws. Lift top panel at rear edge to disengage clips, and slide panel out of clips at windshield. Loosen A/C defroster duct and move to right to expose wiper module fasteners. Position wiper motor crank arm at 12 o'clock position to ease removal of wiper module.
Remove module fasteners. Partially remove module/motor and disconnect wiring. Remove module/motor. Remove crank arm nut and disconnect crank arm from motor shaft. Remove motor screws. Separate motor from module.

Nov 18, 2012.