1999 Renault Clio

Hi have problems with my renault clio the enginge management light keeps coming and makes the car kangaroo jump till it goes over 40mph. Have taken it to the garage twice and they cant find anything wrong it also cuts out the engine sometimes when you have the clutch and gas down to gether.
April 23, 2012.

If the engine check light is on there will be a fault code, if your mechanic can't get any codes you may have to find one that has better equipment. If you get a code, post it here.

Apr 23, 2012.
Rubbish again about codes on here. Basically there is water and air pockets in the fuel line, you need to unscrew the cap under a thing that looks like a squeezy elongated ball and just squeeze the water and air out. Rescrew back on and should be sorted. Ive found however if you are busy driving that sometimes it will clear itself up easily.

May 24, 2012.
The engine check light is triggered by a sensor that is out of range or not giving a signal back to the ECU, correct diagnosis is essential to fixing any problem correctly, any any qualified tradesmen with any understanding of this will always start at the basics and get all the information available and not just presume what the problem is, a check light must be investigated first and then it can be cleared from the memory, I will back my 37 years in the business against anyone, so the last poster say there is air in the system. If there is air in the pressure side of the pump the engine will shut down and in any case just bleeding the system will not fix it! If it is drawing air that must be located and rectified or the problem will come back, contaminated fuel may be an issue here, but again correct diagnosis is the key and presumption is just plain crazy.

May 25, 2012.