1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue • 300,000 miles

Hi, I have few problems with my intrigue 99 when I was replacing my stabilizer bar few months ago I had to loosen up bottom engine fastening bolts the engine had dropped on me about 4 inches due to faulty car jack. It was enough to pull out the steering knuckle from the telescopic shaft. Since than my abs goes on and off, I hear like static/grinding sound coming from around the gas and break pedal area but sounds like its an outside noise. There are times that the car will drive fine for about 30 km. This usually happens when pressing the brake pedal. The other problem is that my heater goes on and off when it wants to, replaced the digital heater control module and the heat blower but still no luck. When I checked the voltage at the wire harness the only wire that didn't gave me a constant 12 volt power is the wire coming from the ignition switch.
Please help me fix these car problems as I like this car and it still drives great and can't afford a new car. Thank you
March 25, 2013.

Scan for codes for abs problem. And have brakes checked have hvac scanned for codes

Mar 25, 2013.