1999 Mercury Cougar • 165,000 miles

2.0l. My car died and I needed a alternator I got one and it still wasn't charging my battery. My 175 amp fuse was blown fixed it still having the same problem. All wires are tight and still show ampage even the 2 wires in the cluster that snaps on the alternator. But the alternator
Only shows the same voltage as the battery plz help
August 24, 2013.

If you are sure the alternator is good, and it still isn't charging the battery, I would suspect a bad fusible link. The fusible link is between the battery and alternator and is designed to burn out, much like a fuse, if the power from the alt exceeds a certain amperage.

Already replaced it any other ideas?

Aug 25, 2013.
Have you checked to see if the voltage at the battery changes when the engine is started?