1999 Lexus ES 300 • 80,000 miles

Sorry for the mix up!

My Lexus ES 300 WILL TURNOVER (crank), BUT NOT START and it has no compression in all the cylinders. The DRL (Daytime Running Lights) won't come on at all. The headgaskets were just changed (composite material) and the fuses are all good. Spark is present and fuel is present. I checked everything in the car and the only other thing that I could think of is that it's an electrical problem.

I'm all out of solutions and I need help.

Steve austin
January 2, 2012.

No compression on all cylinders-start by checking the timing belt/chain

Jan 2, 2012.
Changed it several times and it wasn't the problem. I disassembled and assembled the engine 5 times and I'm completely frustrated. Could it be a problem with the chip in the key? Is there a short somewhere?

Steve austin
Jan 2, 2012.
If timing belt/chain are correct, remove the spark plugs and pump 1 cc of engine oil into each cylinder. Crank the engine for a few seconds to lubricate the liners. Recheck the compression. If available, reinstall the spark plugs and retry starting.

DRL could be another problem. We will get to that once you have the engine running. DRL requires the engine to be running to work.

Jan 2, 2012.