1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 215,000 miles

How would I find what is stopping it from starting it getting fual to injectors spark is good it turn over good but will not start when I took my foot off the gas it died like u shut off the gas to it it hasbeen getting harder to start had to pump the gas to start it
March 2, 2013.

Pumping the gas does nothing.

What is the actual fuel pressure? You will need a gauge to read this.


Try this: Finding TDC
To find TDC of the number one cylinder, remove the spark plug from the number one cylinder. Stuff a paper towel or rag into the spark plug hole (don t push it all the way into the engine, but make sure that it covers the spark plug hole entirely and is tightly stuffed in. Now, turn the starter for only about second intervals (this is called bumping the starter ) until the rag/paper towel flies out of the spark plug hole. Stop turning the starter and check for the location of the timing indicator on the crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer). Using a breaker bar and socket turn the engine by hand by putting the socket on the center crankshaft pulley bolt. Turn the engine until the timing make is aligned with the 0 or TDC mark on the timing cover. Now find the terminal on the distributor cap where the number one spark plug wires plugs onto. Remember this position; DO NOT remove this spark plug wire. Remove the distributor cap: the rotor should be pointing at the position where the number one spark plug wire fits onto the cap. If not, the timing is off indicating a broken/jumped timing chain/belt. (However, in some cases someone has really turned the distributor cap too far in one direction or the other---not a possibility if no one has been working with the distributor)

Mar 2, 2013.