1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 103,000 miles

Dashboard High beam indicator is usually on in the morning after being parked in a dark garage all night (lights in off position). When head lights are turned on the lights flicker between high and low beam rapidly. This prob. Usually goes away by the afternoon after driving. Everything will return to normal and lights work normal. Problem re-appears the next day. I removed the turn signal headlamp switch on the steering column to see if there was an issue but the high beam indicator light was still on and still flickering so I do not believe the problem is there. What other switches or items could cause the high beams to flicker on and off? Why is this prob in the am ( after being idle and in the dark) and not pm? How do I fix the problem?
September 25, 2011.

Most likely the hi/Low switch is fused. You can also check for "little gremlins" by locking the car securely overnight and making sure nobody else has the key(s).

Sep 25, 2011.
It sounds like a ground issue. If the high beam light is on all the time, something is back feeding power through a ground. Check body grounds.

Does your Jeep have daytime headlights or a photosensor controlling the lights, turning them on when ambient light levels get down to a preset level?

Sep 26, 2011.