1999 Ford Ranger

I have already replace my starter and starter relay with no luck. Sometimes my truck will start, but if not I use a screwdriver to start it. I jump it off and it runs fine. I thought maybe it was the wiring. Maybe a bad connection
June 10, 2013.

If you still have that rather large relay on the fender near the battery, that used to do the job of the solenoid and it makes a loud clunk when it's activated. If you don't hear that clunk suspect the neutral safety switch. You can bypass it by using a small jumper wire to connect the battery positive terminal to the small wire plugged onto the left smaller plug-in terminal on the relay. That is usually a red / blue wire. If that doesn't work the neutral safety switch still could be the cause of the problem. There's a couple of different circuits.

Jun 10, 2013.