1999 Ford Ranger • 215,000 miles

So when I start my ford ranger 99 3.0 and I put it into reverse to go down my drive way ther truck will go in then when I go tp put it in drive it can be shifted into d but it wont move I oush the gas it revs up and wont move then if u waite a min it kicks back into drive so u can move then it falls out agen it stops and drive fine and goes into gear fine when it warms up a little bit I checked the trany fluid level and added transmision slip stuff nothing still does it till the truck warms up
4.7 grand
November 25, 2012.

Change the oil and filter in the trans. You should have done it every 50k.

If that does not do it, the trans is internal failure and needs to be replaced


Nov 25, 2012.