1999 Ford Focus • 98,000 miles

I have bought morrett lights for my focus they fit in place and the plug from the old lights plug straight in but there are other wires coming from the lights. Drivers side light has an extra brown and yellow wire and the passenger side has a fuse box with a yellow/brown and red wire coming from it. The two yellow wires can be plugged together but the brown and red wires have bare ends, your help would be greatfull thanks steve.

January 25, 2012.

Contact the manufacturer they shold have instructions on their website.

Jan 25, 2012.
They dont have eny sign of a manafaturer on them they are second hand and they, have been sprayed to the colour of my car, my geusstimate was to connect the 2 yello together and the 2 brown and connect the red to the battry as the red brown and yellow wires go to the motors on the lights for adjusting them

Jan 26, 2012.
No info on after market wiring here, you will have to look at other forums that deal with your particular model, there may be others that have fitted these and will have the info required.

Jan 26, 2012.