1999 Ford Festiva • 80,000 miles

Someone jumped on the roof of my festiva, I think I can push it out but I cannot remove the roof interior to get to the roof metal on the inside to do this.I am not currently employed and not very wealthy. Can you please send me information on how does the roof interior come out.

December 2, 2012.

You will have to remove all the trim that keeps the headliner in place. It is heal in with adhecive, plastic clips and screw with plugs over the top of them. Then the headliner is very fragile. You should look into http://www.rock auto .com or evne better http://www.carrepairlinks .com for help to find a good price on a headliner. They ar only around $100.00 from a dealership so they can't bne mush aftermerket if you can find one.