1999 Ford Explorer • 20,000 miles

I have unexplained disappearing of coolant for last 2-3 weeks. Mechanic has used pressure kit to look for leaks. None found No smoke, no smells, fill the tank up every 2 days, What should be my next step
December 14, 2012.

I would use a chemical block tester to check if you have a blown head gasket they rent the tester at auto zone you just have to buy the chemical for it.

Dec 14, 2012.
Agree with the possible blown head gasket. It comes with a package deal for the gasket which will run about $100 at O'Reily or Autozone. It took me almost 2 weeks taking my sweet time to repair it. Don't be alarm when you buy the new gasket that it doesn't look like your old one. Manufacture don't make those kind anymore. The new gasket is metal better than the plastic that's in your car. Be sure to also get a gasket maker, because you have to cut out 2 pieces in a shape of "S" when placing your new gasket because again, your old gasket is different than the new one.

Good luck

Dec 19, 2012.
P.S. - When replacing it, don't take apart your fuel injector, it's a pain and will leak fuel all over the place if you don't install it right. And don't damage the o'rings on the fuel injector or you will have to take it all apart all over again. Not trying to worry you but it's always good to get as much information as possible.


Dec 19, 2012.