1999 Ford Cougar • 125,000 miles


It is my first time to join this group about my ford cougar.

I do believe something wrong with this car. But sound engine as sweet and drive well. When weather become rain and flood water everywhere I had go due horse stable.I did drive through it many time and sometime icon battery light coming up but had to drive very slow no light coming up. Mean too much splash water. Then after few day later I notice dashboard call rev and mph stick went to high without engine run.I mean when I start engine switch on before run the engine. It both went rev and mph stick went to full around to bottom on right then wait few second then both went back to normal then start engine. Weird. Then battery went dead. Is it affect by water flood. Is it battery wire rust or altatnor jacked up by water.I don't want buy both by mistake. Which is confirm is? Is altatnor?
February 7, 2013.

Start with the alternator. Check the voltage with the engine running. You will have to jump the car. It should be 14 to 14.5 volts.

Flooding causes very bad headaches now and will in the future. Connections and connectors will corrode over time and cause more issues.


Ah. That reason battery icon coming light on when I drive through water flood. Erm tell me where I find alternator tester from?

Feb 7, 2013.
Any parts store