1999 Dodge Durango • 193,000 miles

We just got this durango, a few days after we got it we noticed a whistling noise coming which looks to be like the alternator, we went to start it this morning and it will not start it makes a clicking noise and all the light and things come on in the durango. We have an optima battery that we bought in may that we have in it. Could you please help im not sure what it could be.
February 7, 2013.

Which engine do you have? Is that clicking noise a single rather loud clunk each time you turn the ignition switch to "crank"? That has an inexpensive fix.

Measure the battery voltage and let me know what that is. If it is discharged, the likely suspect is the alternator but you would have seen the "volts" gauge dropping or the "Check Gauges" light turn on. The alternator also has an inexpensive fix.

Feb 8, 2013.