1999 Dodge Dakota • 164,000 miles

Power window problem. The power window on both sides started working just sometimes. I checked fuseses, replaced the drivers side switch and with the old switch and new neather window works and the power door lock only unlocks and not locks?
January 13, 2013.

As far as the power windows, check the power window circuit breaker when the problem is ongoing, is the breaker hot to the touch? Also, check for voltage at the circuit breaker, when problem is ongoing. Circuit goes hot with the key on.

If the breaker is getting hot, it will trip, no windows will work. A faulty window motor can cause the breaker to get hot.

Jan 13, 2013.
Just another thought, check voltage and ground at the wiring harness, hinge side of driver door. For the power windows, tan wire is voltage, key on. Black wire is ground. Because the driver door is open and shut so many times, it can effect the wiring harness. If there is a rubber protective boot over the wiring harness, just pull it back to find the wires.

Jan 13, 2013.