1999 Dodge 600 • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 130,000 miles

I wanted to replace my radiator fan assembly in my 1999 dodge grand caravan. I got a fan assembly from a 1996 dodge grand caravan. The problem I have is that the electrical connection on the 1996 assembly is different from the connection on my 1999 assembly. I also went to an auto salvage yard to get a fan assembly for the 1999 and found that the ones they offered as replacements did not match the electrical connnection in my car. Is there any reason why the electrical connection in the 1999 is different from the 1996-2000 model that should be compataible?
July 24, 2011.

Maybe it's grand caravan only? If fan fits you could do a plug switch if connectors have same number of prongs?

Oct 21, 2011.
They are just using different connectors and the fans will be compatible. Just cut the connector off of the old fan and sauder it into the new fan so it will connect as is was meant to.
The power wire may be different collors, but the ground should be black on both. Match those up and then the other wire and it will work.

If you need any further help, I will reply to the post ASAP.