1999 Chrysler Concorde • 150,000 miles

I have been trying to figure out the root cause for my car going dead over the weekends. Does fine during the week I drive it everyday on the weekends it sits till Monday. And of course the battery is dead. I disconnected the negative on the battery and with the car off found a draw of.8 amps. I removed all fuses and tested the draw again and had no amp testing each fuse one at a time found the following.

.062 TCM
.001 Sun Roof
.116 Stop Lamps
.62 Park & Horn
.002 ASD

.8 amps with all fuses installed

Just wanted to see where to go now with these numbers.
October 9, 2011.

That shouldn't kill the battery in 2 days. Are you sure the battery is good? How old is it?

Brand new battery only a month old

Oct 9, 2011.
The largest draw is from the horn / park. Try leaving that fuse out to see if it changes things. If it does, you will need to start looking for a short.

I have found a 1.2 amp draw across fuse 19 Interior lights. I have read online the PCM and TCm could be the cause so I have disconnected both and no change the the draw. Anything I should check.

Oct 15, 2011.
Does the draw stop when you pull the fuse?


Oct 18, 2011.
There has to be a short in the wiring to that circuit. It's time to start tracing circuits for damaged wires.