1999 Chevrolet Truck • 145,000 miles

Truck just quit running while driving. It has no fire to plugs or coil. Wha tcan this be?
February 15, 2013.

No fire to plugs or coil, 3 main concern, is the connection to the ICM (ignition control module) properly connected, Ive see these male and female look like they make contact and on the inside its really not, This is located near the ignition coil, so inspect and suspect the connection, Then the ICM, This controlled by the PCM, which the ICM is a popular problem, Then there is the crank sensor located on the timing chain cover, due to its location when this fails no spark, its mainly a misfire detection, So we have ICM, crank position and what else?Power, inspect the engine fuse box fuses, check to see if any is open, My gut tell me you have a ICM issue

Feb 15, 2013.
Scan for codes and check fuel pressure first not what the previous answer says to do. If it's not answered by someone qualified as expert then it's just something to lead you out of the way

Feb 15, 2013.