1999 Chevrolet Tahoe • 137 miles

I got a 99 Tahoe 4 dr 4x4 I have a major draw on my battery. It is coming off the 50 amp lighting fuse in the underhood fuse panel. When pulling that fuse the ohms go infinite pretty much. With that fuse disconnected it also kicks out the fuel pump. I guess what im trying to ask is the 50a lighting fuse under the hood what circuit does it control or do you have a schematic for that fuse. I cant locate one anywhere, and im shooting at it in the dark now. Ive disconnected every fuse in car, disconnected sensors, lights, and no change in the draw on the negative. Any kind of schematic would help to further my search for the cause. One last thing is this truck use to be a paramedic truck, so lots of add on lighting that was removed, but so far have yet to find a draw in any of them systems. Please help otherwise the fuse is getting run to a toggle switch. So my wife can disconnect it if she has to drive it.
March 28, 2013.

I cannot find a schematic of just that circuit. Find out what is not working, dis connect each item 1 at a time till the draw goes away then you will be closer to the issue


Mar 28, 2013.
Everthing works on the truck, ive pulled every lighting and electronic connecter, fuse, relay, radio, accessories, the draw never goes away, I even took apart fuse panels to make sure no wires making contact, the only thing that seems to not work when that fuse is out are the lights and fuel pump, and ive disconnected all of them, and still no change

Apr 2, 2013.