1999 Chevrolet Malibu • 180,000 miles

I know that a loose cv axle means that it needs to be replaced, but how loose is loose? Both CV axles on my 99 Chevy Malibu have a little bit of give. But the rubber covering at the joint is perfectly in tact and the give is only in one direction. My car is making a humming noise while I drive it, and makes a grinding sound while turning. My first guess was that it was the wheel bearing, but I want to make sure first that it's not the CV axle.
December 22, 2011.

The cv axle will have a little movement in the joint you could very well have a bad wheel bearing though. If you make a lane change to the left or right will the noise get louder or softer?ALso do you have floor jack and jack stands?

Dec 22, 2011.
Yes, I have stands and a jack. I haven't noticed anything when change lanes, but when I turn hard to back up, the grinding is pretty significant. It also gets loud when I slow down. I know it's not breaks, but I think maybe the slowing down thing is a result of momentum going to the front end from breaking.

Dec 23, 2011.
Put the front end off the ground so both front wheels are off the ground and its on jack stands. Then put the car in neutral Then go over to one wheel put one hand on the coil spring and spin the tire as fast as you can with the other hand. If the beearing is bad you should be able to feel it in the coil spring. Check both sides and compare them to each other.

Dec 24, 2011.