1999 Chevrolet Cavalier • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 112,000 miles

1999 cavalier. Daughter wrecked it, replaced radiator with salvage one. New water pump and thermostat. Engine heats, looses all coolant fluid (tank empty) but no leaks can be found. No anifreeze in oil, no moisture coming from tailpipe, and floorboard is not wet. HELP any suggestions? Fluid level stays fine while idiling, but when she gets out on the road it goes empty and light comes on.
August 2, 2011.

You need a leak down test in the cylinders to make sure it is not being burned. Then a dye added to identify even the smallest external leak.


Called local shops and was told doing the leak down test would be a waste of money and the dye would only show what cylinder the fluid is going into. Was told junk it and get a different vehicle.

You need another shop. Any quality shop would do this test to verify the issue instead of shooting from the hip.


Aug 16, 2011.