1998 Vauxhall Corsa • 155,230 miles

I am having a problem with the way my car is working at the moment and I have no past experience in terms of engine work, the issue I find with my car is that when I am driving, it has a tendency just to choke, or if I change gear and return to putting the throttle on, there is a slight moment where the car chokes and continues driving, I have also recently had issues sometimes pulling off, if I am revving high, or low, the car still manages to struggle when pulling off after releasing the clutch.
I have been told that I should look into replacing the egr valve, but I do not want to spend that money on an issue I am not even sure is the case, so if you could help that would be brilliant, also if you have any issues, contact me for further information. Landan
December 16, 2012.

Petrol or diesel?

Either way could be struggling for fuel due to a blocked filter, would be much cheaper to change than the EGR valve

Dec 16, 2012.