1998 Toyota Tacoma • 280,000 miles

I'm having starting issues with my truck after it is warm. If I kill the engine and start it back up within 10 min or so it fires right up. Also fires back up if I restart it 30 min or so after killing it. The problem lies when I go to start it within the 15 - 30 min time frame after I've previously killed the engine. The engine just turns over. I've verified spark but don't have the specialty tool to check for fuel pressure. If I keep cranking it close to the 30 min mark it will eventually begin to stutter as if it's trying to start and then within a few minutes finally fire up. It seems like an electrical connection/component is continuing to heat up after the engine is off, until it eventually fails and then after the 30 min mark cools back down and is functioning properly. This is the only suspect I can think of.
January 8, 2013.

Have you run a scan as yet to see if there are any set fault codes? Do you still have spark when the engine dies?

Jan 8, 2013.
It's occasionally throwing p0171 lean bank 1. Yes, I've verified I have spark even when the engine won't start. Also, I'm not smelling any unburnt fuel after I crank it for an extended period of time. Don't have a shrader valve on my fuel rail so I can't check for fuel pressure.

Jan 8, 2013.
Since you have a lean code, the problem should be lack of fuel and you would not be smelling any unburnt fuel.

You need an adapter to be installed in between fuel line to fuel rail for the fuel pressure gauge.

Try some starting fluid and see if it fires up.

Jan 9, 2013.