1998 Saturn SL2 • 160,000 miles

Recently my son started his saturn and smoke came out of the drivers side underdash area. He shut it off, and got out in case of fire, and called me. He got back in, the car started and drove okay, and seemingly everything works. However, his mechanic says he found a wire in the dash harness that had burnt and melted away the insulation. He cut it out and taped it off, and gave it back to him. I want to look at it to make sure he is not driving a time bomb. Is there a particular fault Saturn mechanics know about that could cause this type of malady?
January 3, 2013.

Not really. Wires rub over the years and may short out to a metal bracket.

Get a second opinion if it makes you feel more comfy


Just to add to this one here's my saturn expert opion I have seen this before. Is the black wire going to the ignition switch the one that started melting and got the hottest?If so your ignition switch is shorting out its shorting the key minder circuit ground to power thru the switch. You would need to run a new wire and replace the ignition switch. Its not common but I have seen it happen before.

Jan 3, 2013.