1998 Land Rover Other • 4 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 143,442 miles

Problem with 1998 Land Rover Range Rover (4.0 SE)

The back portion of my 1998 4.0 Range Rover shakes when driving. It doesn't matter if I am in reverse or drive. It is especially bad when on bumpy roads. The entire backend shakes as if it wll fall off. The shocks were replaced but the problem only became worse. Mechanic says it could be rear differential but he is not sure. Only guessing. The mechanic cannot figure out the problem. We are stumped! Please help. Thank you, Sandy
June 10, 2011.

Check for bent rims or bad tires first. It could be axle or u joint problem. Any noises? Any speed that it's worst?

Jun 11, 2011.
Thank you for the prompt reply. We changed the tires because the rims were allowing air in tires to leak. So different rims and tires. But still same problem. There are noises from the back. Its a shaking noise. Feels like the entire back end of Range wants to come off. It moves from side to side. It doesnt matter if I am going fast or slow. As soon as I take off. Shaking begins. Especially bad on bumpy roads. Thought it was the shocks. So we replaced with new ones. Same problem. Often feel like Im in a big rig. You know, with the movement from side to side. At a speed of about 70 mph the car vibrates.

Jun 11, 2011.
Check the u-joints for play. There should be none.
Next, check the pinion gear for end play. Again, there should be none.
Check the whole suspension for loose components, especially springs.
If the rear axle is an independent-type, check the CV-joints on each axle.
Do you mean that the suspension and body seem to oscillate hugely when driving, or does it feel like a tiny pea in the road is the Grand Canyon?

Jun 25, 2011.