1998 Land Rover Discovery 2 • 12,000 miles

Ooops. I've put about 25% unleaded in my 1998 Land Rover Discovery 2 2.5 diesel. I've topped it up with diesel. It's got 120K miles on the clock. I'm getting mixed advice. Do you think this will be ok? Is there anything I need to do or add to fuel to help? Thanks
Debbie G
July 21, 2012.

There is not much you can do now. I would not worry about it though because Diesel is very crude and gas in the quantities you describe probably won't hurt it.
Keep thining out the gas by topping off the tank so that 25% is less and less.

Thanks so much for your quick response. That's what I figured but makes me feel so much better now! Won't be doing it again - promise! : )

Debbie G
Jul 21, 2012.
Everybody makes mistakes. I finished re-building a motorcycle and was so tired I switched the oil and gas lines. It did not go well.