1998 Kia Mentor • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic •

Thank you sir(rasmataz), actually I can't find the relay and fuse in this car.
behind the left headlight, there is a fuse box, only two relay inside, one for fuel pump and one for radiator cooling fan, behind the right headlight, there are two relay, one for compressor and one I don't know,
but it worked when compressor worked, I tried to take the power with 10A fuse and wire to the fan, but the fuse blew out.
I traced the power wire, it is directly to the car through the guard.
Is there anyone can help?
April 17, 2011.

You should reply to your post so that the person attending to you can response when notification is received.

Anyway I have replied to your previous post so if the fan is tested to be good, you have a short between the fuse and motor. If the fuse blows only when A/C is turned on, the short is between relay and fan motor. If fuses blows when ignition is turned on with A/C off, the shorting is between fuse and relay.

Apr 17, 2011.