1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 159,000 miles

I just recently replaced a tire on my jeep it was the front drivers side tire. As I was driving home from the tire place my car started to pull to the left and it was extremely hard to control. I finally got it home and there was a really awful smell, not like burning rubber but something different. I had someone come look at it and they changed the brakes and also the drivers side front caliper because they said that they could hear it releasing after I parked it. So they did all that and said it should be fine. I drove about a mile and a half and it started to do the pulling to the left and it had a lot of resistance like my brakes were being depressed as I was driving. I took it back to that person and he has no clue what it can be, he said maybe the master brake cylinder. I really need help on ideas of what it might be, if anyone can help with suggestions I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much!
November 17, 2010.

Probsbly started at the first shop that replaced tire. If it was running OK before, they change tire and it starts pulling, most likely something they did.

I would return it to them and have it repaired on their dime.

Nov 17, 2010.
Thats what I thought too, I took it down there and the guy just pointed at a sign that said "not responsible for damages" Thats why I had my guy look at it. Thank you for your response tho!

Nov 17, 2010.
If it's not actually the tire rubbing on something, then you may have a bad flex brake hose that is ruptured internally and not releasing the fluid.

Nov 17, 2010.