1998 Jeep Cherokee • 150,000 miles

Where is the neutral/park safety switch located on an automatic transmission?
January 18, 2013.

It's on the side of the transmission. See attached pic

It's on the transmission.
1. Raise the vehicle.
2. Disconnect switch wire harness connector.
3. Pry washer lock tabs upward and remove switch attaching nut and tabbed washer.
4. Remove the switch adjusting bolt.
5. Slide switch off manual valve shaft.


1. Disconnect shift linkage rod from shift lever on left side of transmission.
2. Rotate manual shift lever all the way rearward. Then rotate lever forward two detent positions to neutral.
3. Install switch on manual valve shaft and install switch adjusting bolt finger tight. Do not tighten at this time.
4. Install tabbed washer on manual valve shaft and install attaching nut. Tighten nut to 61 inch pounds.
5. Verify that transmission is in neutral.
6. Rotate switch to align neutral standard line with verticle grove on manual valve shaft.
7. Align switch standard line with groove or flat on manual valve shaft.
8. Tighten switch adjusting bolt to 19 ft lbs.
9. Bend at least two washer lock tabs over switch attaching nut to secure it.
10. Connect shift linkage rod to shift lever on left side of case.
11. Connect switch wires to harness and lower vehicle.
12. Check switch operation. Engine should start in park and neutral only.

Jan 18, 2013.
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Jan 18, 2013.
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