1998 Isuzu Adventure • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 134,000 miles

I replaced intake manifold and o rings on the fuel injecters on a 1998 Isuzu rodeo 4cyl who do I get the fuel back to normal.

What do you mean "get back to normal"?

Jun 29, 2011.
The fuel pressure

Pressure should be 41-47 psi what is it? Does pump run?Was there pressure prior to repairs?

Jun 29, 2011.
Yes the pressure was normal I also see a tag on the a vacuum line going to the gas tank that has to be one lb of pressure I bled the fuel line by the pressure regulater I don't no if I got all the air out is their a tool to check pressure while engine is running.

Waiting for response to last guestion.

You need a universal fuel pressure tester to check it whether it'll be KOEO or KOER

Jun 29, 2011.
Ok I'll try it thanks.

What happened?

Aug 11, 2011.