1998 Honda Civic • 13,600 miles

Was driving and car just had no accelleration. Had it towed home. Check for spark with none firing. Then went into distributor to do a coil icm test and got as far as rotor. Cannot access the screw to remove rotor. Turned driver wheel far left and manually cranked the engine with 17mm a couple turns and rotor has not moved its postion. I am thinking its timing. But im not sure if I should have the wheel off or car jacked for the manual cranking to work. I have car in nuteral also. Any suggestions? Any help will greatly be appreciated. I am partially disabled and have no income so I will try my hardest to do as much as I can. Thanks and God Bless.

January 31, 2013.

If the rotor is not turning when the engine has been cranked, it means the timing belt has given way.

Jan 31, 2013.