1998 Holden Vectra • 90,000 miles

We have just replaced the front disc pads on the Vectra V6. The sensor keep coming up on the computer to check. They were worn. New pads replaced, now the pedal is spongey and the brakes are not as good as before! Bled brakes to no avail. The sensor clips were so badly damaged that we couldn't put them back on to the brass plugs. So we just tied them up out of the way. The sensor light still comes on in the computer and the brakes are very poor! Stop the car but not as they should work?
Can you please advise? Many Thanks.

January 19, 2013.

You will have to fit new sensor probes and I would be thinking that the master cylinder has failed, this is often the case if you re bleed brakes and use full stroke on the brake pedal when bleeding, the master cyl cups drag on the crud at the very bottom of the cylinder, (where the piston never travels in service) and they get damaged and cause internal fluid by pass and poor brakes.

Jan 19, 2013.