1998 Ford Windstar • 165,000 miles

Received p1537 1n p1538 codes. I have just finished changing both external IMRC's.

Had the battery disconnected as well as alternator.

I'm just and ordinary guy trying to save a few dollars by doing my own work.

Tried to remove serpentine belt to remove alternator but couldn't get access to the tensioner pulley to remove tension. In addition one bolt on alternater is seized so couldn't get it out.

Thought I might be able to release tension buy pulling up on belts to get slack but couldn't get enough. Belts seemed to turn, or pulleys, when pulling on belts.

Managed to get both IMRC's changed without removing alternator.

Engine now turns over but appears to be either no fuel or no spark as it won't start. Van was starting and running fine before my amateur fix.

Did not do a tear down and cleaning of intake manifold.

March 8, 2012.

Re check your work and make sure all your electrical connections are plugged in. Make sure all ground wires are secured.


3 vacuum lines removed and reattached: 2 imrc and 1 fuel pr
2 electrical connections removed and reconnected 2 imrc's
2 electrical connections from alternator disconnected and reconnected.
Battery disconnected and reconnected.

Have not replaced the cowls yet but don't thing anything was affected there.

PCV valve in place. Nothing else done on backside of engine.

Only ground wires removed were battery and that is back in place.

Mar 8, 2012.