1998 Ford Transit • 86,000 miles

Ok bair with me, dont know much about engines but going on what my mechanic has said and what ive remembered him doing, fitted another 2.5di banana engine in changed all componants from old engine as it will not start, water pump, checked timing, changed pistons, wiring, diesal pump, new diesal filter, still turns over but wont start, burnt out 2 starter motors in the process, wiring burning hot just after a few trys turning it over, nearly fires on easy start, so checked fuel coming to injectors-ok. Now lost still wont start, ive been told that you have to change wiring from new engine as its coded/chiped, but then was told that because my van has no ecu and is that old that it dont have a coded wiring thingy mi bob. Lol realy lost any help please idea`s?
March 3, 2013.

We dont have that model in u.S. Here but from what you describe try restting your security system that may be your problem.

Mar 3, 2013.