1998 Ford Mustang • 180,000 miles

I was driving and on a stop my car died. Now my clutch all the sudden did not work. I manged to get home by speed shifting. Upon further inspection I found that my cable had come disconnected. So I reconnected the cable and now I have this issue. The clutch seems to not be disengaging. I can start the car with the clutch in and the switch into all the gears but when I release the clutch I do not move. I can release the pedals completely and it still runs as if I had the clutch in. What can I do to fix this?
January 3, 2013.

It sounds like the pressure plate may have gone bad. The pressure spring can sometimes break or the fingers on the pressure plate can break and cause the clutch not to disengage. If you feel it might be the cable you can get adjustable ones from Summit Racing, just look online.