1998 Ford F-250 • 246,000 miles

Lately I been having Problem with my truck keeping its antifreeze in the radiator resorvior. And yesterday I added another gallon of antifreeze in it after I notice my heater wasn't working & the radiator resorvior was nearly empty. And this morning my truck would not turn over when I was trying to start it, It just made a clunk sound once when turning the key. I even tried to jump start it. So can you please tell me ways how can get it started so I can drive it to a mechanic shop for repairs on the coolant system? I almost forgot. My oil indication device inside is not working when I turn the key. And the other ones do in my dash boad.
My name is Kenneth Vaughn
My phone number is 314-741-4469
January 25, 2013.

It sounds like you have overheated the motor at some point. The clunk may be from coolant in a cylinder locking up the motor and it will not turn. It may be a blown head gasket

have it towed to a shop


Jan 25, 2013.