1998 Ford Explorer • 160,000 miles

Driving home this morning I hit a small bump and the motor shut off. I coasted to side of road and found out I still had good battery but when I turn the key there was nothing. All dash lights are out also when I go to start it. My headlights still work. I was thinking its got to be something that jingled loose when I hit the bump. Any ideas?

November 13, 2012.

Follow the smaller positive battery wire to the under-hood fuse box and be sure it's tight there. Also follow the smaller negative wire to the body and be sure it's tight. If those look fine, use a test light or voltmeter to follow the battery wires to see where you lose voltage. Also look for a large fuse bolted in on the fuse box and be sure those nuts are tight. Check the large copper nut on the starter relay. Those like to work loose over time.

Nov 13, 2012.