1998 Dodge Stratus • 17,000 miles

My dodge stratus, plug 1 and 3 use to soak fuel, after replacing the 2 nozzle and cylinder and valve was checked and tested with petrol it was noticed that everything was ok, after coppling the engine and was put to test the same problem still persists and the fuel consumption too high, pls, your professional advice is of big advantage to me.
November 20, 2011.

Was the compression checked? Are you getting good spark to those cylinders? Is this the 2.5L v6?

Yes that s the pics of the car, the compression was checked and it seems a little bit ok today when I took it for a scan using OBDII Launch the code detected was P0108 (MAP sensor Voltage too high) and P1298 (slow change in MAP from start to run), I have tried to replace the MAP sensor but the second code is no clear to me, pls kindly be of help because the auto gear doesnt pick on time.

Nov 21, 2011.
If you replaced the map, check for resistance in wiring.