1998 Dodge Dakota • 135,000 miles

This morning my ABS and Brake light came on and I noticed my speedometer isn't working until I reach a higher speed than in town or slower speeds, is this a vehicle speed sensor?
Dan Fox
December 7, 2012.

Yes that would be first thing to check Scanner would tell if operating need engine, 2 0r 4 wheel and trans to locate

Dec 7, 2012.
Yes, I'm sorry. Again I have a 1998 Dodge Dako reg. Cab with 2.5 ltr. 4 banger, 5sp manual trans. And the ABS Brake light are on. The speedo will work or come up until about 30 to 35 mph either direction speeding up or slowing down. I had it scanned with a scan tool from O'Reillys Auto Parts and the codes were engine codes (no ABS codes were stored) one was a catalyst fault like a catalic converter and the other was a pwr. Streering pres. Switch. The check engine light is not on. So that's weird, another thing that is weird I told the guy to just clear the codes to see if they would come back at a later date and he could not clear the codes stored the scan tool would not let him, the message on the screen said function to clear codes failed. So which sensor should I replace first? Does this truck have a VSS in the trans housing next to the flywheel if it's a standard trans? My gut tells me to start with the ABS speed sensor mounted on top of the rear diff. Or is it one of the wheel speed sensors?

Thanks for your help.

Dan Fox
Dec 11, 2012.