1998 Chevrolet S-10 • 172,000 miles

There is a race of some sort still on the spindle. I have tried almost everything to get it off to no avail. It is keeping me from installing the new rotor. How do I remove this? I have tried heating it and beating it. When I removed the old rotor the inner bearing and seal were still on the spindle.

November 12, 2013.

Normally if you have a good air chisel they will come right off or if you have access to a rubber wheel, cut it but not all the way to spindle, split it then take it off that way. It is probably welded to the spindle so you will have to get a new or used spindle. Replace the wheel bearing and race in rotor as they are shot or get another rotor. This is from not greasing the wheel bearing or not doing a good enough job.

Nov 12, 2013.