1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo • 255,000 miles


For some reason lately I have been having trouble with my fuel gauge reading properly. When I first got the car in 2007 it did this. When I replaced the fuel pump after it went bad it worked fine. I've had replaced the fuel pump three times now due to reasons other than the gauge. I've always used Airtex fuel pumps since I heard these were good fuel pumps. It is now back to reading wrong again. This morning when I started it and while I was driving it stayed right around a 1/2 tank. I got to work this morning and after I turned the car off and turned it back on without starting it, it was showing between a 1/4 tank and empty. I've also noticed it seems to fluctuate easily when I'm driving. The slightest change in speed or altitude makes it move above and below a 1/2 tank. When I turned it back on this morning to seemed to fluctuate as it was moving toward empty. I don't suspect anything wrong with the gauge but 'm worried I'm going to have to replace the fuel pump once again. Any ideas? Do you recommend a different brand fuel pump?


Nathaniel Barnes
March 6, 2013.

Airtex are good pumps, check to seeif power is going to tank unit an dnot pinched the wire someplace on frame

Mar 6, 2013.