1998 Buick Park Avenue • 167,000 miles

I went to get my car inpsected this morning and the technician plugged in to the OBD port under the dash. He was not able to get the connection to work. Now I need to figure out what is wrong.

This also happened two years ago that the technician couldn't get the port to work. It took us a while, but after jiggling the wires we finally got it to work.

I suspect it is a physical conector problem like bent pins or dirty pins or something simple like that. The car is 14 years old, so that wouldn't surprize me.

any suggestions as far as replacing or cleaning the connector?
July 31, 2012.

See if power on two terms in ALDL

Jul 31, 2012.
OK, I found 12v between pins 4 and 16. Also 12v between 5 and 16. What should I check next?