1998 BMW 540i • 170,000 miles

Drive the car for a distance of 25 miles and stopped the car and turn off and then restart the engine then the DSC and airbag light on and Coolant thermometer needle jumped to high and Speedometer with engine meter stop and I got a "engine failsafe program" warning and the car lost power with the rpm fluctuating also trans fault so torn off engine and remove battery ground for 1 hour. Then the whole thing seemed normal just for about 15 min the same problem come back again. Please help
February 18, 2013.

With all those systems going haywire, it sounds like a control issue from the pcm. You will need a shop with a scan tool to monitor these functions when this happens to see what codes may be in the system and what systems are showing these faults.


Feb 19, 2013.
Thank you ASEMaster6371 for your replay
there is An important point not mentioned previously in last post. I've replaced my oem radio system before this issues com up and installing new After market system (Dynavin D99A for bmw e39 ) with ibus unit. The unit work normal with all option's PDC and OBC features. So it was my belief that the problem is from this unit and I worked the following removed the ibus unit that com whit. And unplug main harness from D99. Today driven my car for 35 mile whit no issues. Could this be the cause of the problem? If this. Is it cause a permanent damage to ecm or other modules.
Thank you for your help.

Feb 19, 2013.