1998 Acura Integra • 170,000 miles

I just purchased at 98 acura integra gs 1.8 l dohn. Changed oil and thermostat. Checked #1 plug and wires seem good. Drove the car about 1400 miles in 2 weeks no issues car was running great getting little over 30mpg.

few days ago check eng lite pops on and I keep mini obd scanner so checked it and it was cylinder #2 misfire I believe p0302? Erased it came back on and flashing. My neighbor mechanic said could be foul plug. So bght 4 plugs ngk popped them in there.#2 plug had some white residue on it. Put new plugs in and sea foam. Drove it few miles and #1 and #2 misfire.

next morning did sea foam from fuel and engine restore and drove car bit harder and seem to run pretty strong no chk eng lites but next day popping on when idling. We did compression check and cyl#2 was like 70. And rest of them was 150. Im told may be burnt valve. Not sure where to go from here. My buddy said drive it 100+ miles than throw mobil 1 synthetic and engine restore and hopefully compression will come back. Just need some help here.

March 12, 2013.

You need to take the engine apart to see why compression is so low in that cylinder, It could be a stuck or burnt valve, head gasket problems, rings.

Thats what I figure. Doesnt sound like a head gasket issue. Few buddy's said may want to check the fuel pressure? Im guessing if its a burnt valve thats better than replacing the motor itself. Motor runs great. Just acting up in low to idle speed check eng lite pops on or flashing

thanks for your help

Mar 12, 2013.