1997 Volvo V90 • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 88 miles

Hi. How do I reprogram the remote for a VOLVO V90 1997. I programmed one remote but I delayed too long in programming the second remote I now have one working remote

Regards Patrick
March 19, 2011.

First, if you have tried cycling the swith 5 times and it doesn't work, that makes me believe you have a transmitter that isn't the correct frequency as needed. Since one worked and the other didn't. That tells me you know what you're doing but one doesn't work. On the underside of the remote, check for one of these part numbers: 9128927

If it is different, return it and request the correct one. Keep in mind, even though you waited too long, the reciever automatically erases an old code to add the new one, so you didn't do anyting to harm the system.