1997 Volkswagen Jetta • 170,000 miles

My car recently wouldnt start, I had friends n neighbors look at it and tested starter, battery and ignition switch and he said all were good and there was some sort of problem between the ignition switch to the starter so I took it 2 a mechanic, they ended up telling me it was the starter and also got me to pay to get a new back brake caliper and the master cylinder, the brakes I have to pump 2 get to work now, but my problem is when I got the car back the alarm and radio no longer work? I have a friend who is telling me some short in the alarm probably kept it from starting and the mechanic more than likely cut a wire or something to the alarm. Could I get any input?And could you tell me what the relays are on the car above the fuses, because I went to pick a part place and took them all off another car like mine n I have 2 extra but 4 empty holes? Ita a 97 vw jetta vr6 2.8 thank you
December 25, 2012.

As far as the alarm, I would take the vehicle back to the shop that did the work. There isn't one wire they could cut to make the car start. As far as the radio, check fuses to see if any are blown.

The alarm module prevents starter operation / cranking when it thinks there is a problem.

They probably disconnected the alarm module and bridged the starter wires at the Alarm Module Harness Plug to enable cranking / starting.

A simple Pin-Out diagram / Trouble Tree to diagnose the system is all that is needed to find the root cause.

I'm sure one of the Experts here can provide you with a copy.


Dec 25, 2012.