1997 Volkswagen Golf • 390 miles

I started my 1997 vw golf gl manual this mornin when I went to go back out it would not start lights up headlamps are bright runnin on battery alone tried touchin contacts on starter for a force spin heard a spinnin sound not like when you would originnaly start it checked connections moved the battery cable around and still will not start ALL I HEAR IS A CLICK JUST A CLICK NOTHING MORE SOMETIMES NOT EVEN THAT I AM NO MECHANIC ALL I DID WAS WHAT I READ AND WAS TOLD I AM STUCK PLEASE HELP LOL
March 23, 2013.

Is it a rapid clicking? Or just one click every time you turn the key to start?

If it's just one click everytime you go to crank the vehicle, it sounds like the starter is faulty. I would test the starting system. The main cable on the starter should have battery voltage and the smaller solenoid wire should have voltage when the vehicle is being cranked.

Mar 28, 2013.