1997 Toyota Corolla • 228,000 miles

Hi, I've got a toyota Tazz, 1300 '97 model. I recently changed gearbox seal and cv seal but I still have an oil leak my mechanic said it could be an engine seal and that I should keep checking engine oil but, the oil seems fine. If you look under the car below the engine there is a 6-7cm metal piece next to the exhaust and the oil drip is there. What could be the problem?
August 2, 2011.

If the oil is dark, meaning it is engine oil and that would be the crankshaft/flywheel seal that is bad. You would have to remove the transmission to replace the seals.

Your mechanic friend should be able to tell you where the leakage is coming from by looking at it.

Aug 2, 2011.